Monday, November 28, 2011

Shell Fish

I decided to make my fish out of decorative shells
This video explains why
and my plan was to get shells from the dollar store, but of course they are out during christmas.
and petco has the same shells but 5 times more. and they are actually kinda expensive online.
so wonderful Taylor gave me some shells but it wasn't quite enough to cover my fish.
so I used a multiple that I have a lot of in my apartment because my roommate likes to think he is a weaveologist.
So My fish is made of $1 weave hair and shells
I tied the ends of the hair and secured them with hot glue and duct tape and wrapped it around the model I had made for my paper casting fish then I experimented with a lot of different eyes, like the previous fish and decided on a shell with some roving and a button.
then I spray painted some foam board and hot glued shells to it and glued the fish down with e6000 glue and it is possibly the weirdest and ugliest thing I have ever made

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