Monday, November 28, 2011

Material Exploration Sometimes Sucks.

So I made the first piano using only marshmallow fluff as a glue. This fell apart numerous times. I then tried melting marshmallows to use that as a coating, to try to keep it together....this melted the other marshmallows and made the piano- you guessed it!- fall apart! Then, I tried melting marshmallows and putting them in molds to make some of the more structurally important parts. I ended up with sticky, disgusting paste that never hardened. Hooray! Finally, I decided that in order to have more structural integrity, I was going to need to go a little less I bought some toothpicks. I didn't make them an important visual element, and I was sort of just trying to make sure that the keyboard had enough support so it wouldn't fall down like every single other time I tried to do it. This worked a little bit. I then covered the top part of the keyboard with melted marshmallow, which ended up being a little less of the surface design I was hoping for, but it ended up ok. I painted the other elements with food coloring, since the fondant I tried to make wasn't quite thick enough to actually set up the way it was supposed to. All in all, a rather trying case of material exploration. And I don't think I really want to eat a marshmallow for a long time. Here's the finished piece in my freezer.

I hope this is ok. Cause I'm pretty done dealing with the marshmallow complications. Hey, that sounds like a good DJ name....DJ Marshmallow Complication... maybe DJ Complicated Marshmallow? In any case, you all can see it and decide whether it's a huge failure or just a small one. Let's just hope I don't fail the class. I feel like I should get an "A" for effort cause I seriously put those marshmallows through a world of torture. Stalin wouldn't have done worse things to those little puffy candies.

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