Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vivian Kvitka

I don’t yet know what one thing, or many things, that tie my work together. I have jumped from medium to medium trying to figure out what it is I want to be making. If I sit down and say to myself, “what do I want to make?” the answer is often something wearable, or fast. I love to start and finish a project in an afternoon. These afternoon projects are never “finished” pieces, they are little experiments that satisfy my need to create and produce.

I am attracted to the preciousness of objects, specifically smallness and intricate detail. I am drawn to puppet animation for the same reason that I am drawn to miniatures; they are otherworldly. Their existence hints at the life they live when my back is turned. Making puppet animation allows me to watch them come alive, it is nothing short of magical.

I have dabbled in technology. My primary concern with technology is that we claim to be a technologically advanced society and yet so few of us know how anything works. We know how to use it but we don’t know how to fix it when it breaks. We see our technology as magical as astonishing when really it is rigid, logical, a complicated system

If I had my way, everything I make would be perfect craftsmanship. I know myself well enough to not expect this, but I believe I will always start a project imagining the end result as clean and perfect. I have a lack of chaos aesthetic.

Magic, smallness, and order.

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  1. my friend joe who goes to CAL arts for animation has some pretty crazy stuff you might like.