Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michele Castellano

As an artist and designer, the focus of my work is first and foremost the body. A form that is at once capable of innovating, constructing, and exhibiting a creation, my work serves to celebrate the Self.
Unlike other forms of art, every body owns clothing and every body is in the market to own more. What is different about my work in comparison to what is already available obviously comes from my aesthetic, which is a conglomerate of my varied interests. I am constantly investigating preconceived notions of beauty and femininity, drawn from historic forms of decorating and adorning. In contrast, I am very interested in kitsch and camp practices, and the stock emotions and feeling these pieces evoke. As a result, excess is a theme that is present in almost all of my work. How do I locate that fine line between familiarity and kitsch and how many bows does it take to reach that nirvana? Explosive, unusual color palettes are also present in my work, who says chartreuse can’t be sophisticated? I like to challenge myself by using techniques and elements that are usually associated with low art, and through manipulation and juxtaposition creating something that is at once familiar yet arresting. By blending my craft and sewing practices with my interest in classic beauty and camping, I like to think that my work stands out in an unusual way.
To me, nothing is better than taking my work with me everywhere I go- whether it is a gala or grocery store, my appearance is always a direct reflection of my practices as an artist.

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