Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Studio

I have two studios that I use for very different reasons. The first is my home studio where I work on jewelry and other small projects. 

books and more books


stashes of materials under bed 

more materials

this is only for jewelry the bottom drawer is for materials which is why it is over flowing

My second studio is at school which I make work for class and larger projects like the bfa show piece.

my desk is not usually like this

not must up now i am kinda in a transitional place

yes that is a dildo in the back, i mold it some times 

I have also had this same space for 3 semesters so its some build up of mess as well

stuff i look at to try to find a different way to making a piece 
I pick photos that have different methods of execution 

My studios are a place where I can make a mess and not worry about it, make bad art and not worry about it, make something offensive and not worry about it. sit, think and bust shit out. My ideal studio would be in my home, because i have so many materials its hard to know which place i should have them in, my home or studio. i also like to make stuff at random times of day like the middle of the night when i get an idea and have to make it right then, i need my studio to be ready for me. 


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