Monday, October 24, 2011

Sarah Weber

I'm interested in using photography as a language. How does language fail us in ways of communicating / communicating memory? Most of my works contain ideas of distortion in meaning when memory is translated into language. I use text as imagery and inspiration, create hybrids of photo-drawings, photo-paintings, etc.

Currently, I am exploring ideas on sustainability in photography and fiber material studies. Photography is a wasteful practice- you make test prints that add up. Over the years I have hundreds of test prints that are essentially 'trash'. Yet I keep this 'trash' because it has an image on it and because time went into the making of it. This idea of my photographs not serving a purpose as being 'trash' inspired me to redefine what 'trash' means. Photography is becoming the raw material of my fiber practice. The new works I am creating have the same elemental themes as my photographic works. I am weaving photographs together to create three dimensional forms, I am weaving colored threads and fabrics into my photographs. As long as I am creating something I am passionate about and that something still surprises me as I create then I'm happy. =]


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