Monday, October 24, 2011

Molly Hewitt

The things that affect my art the most are my friends, my collection and the things I surround myself with. I would call my self a fibers and performance artist, I LOVE material objects. I work at the Roger Brown Study Collection, he wrote in a letter to Lisa the curator;

"...I feel the things in the collection are of universal appeal to all artists and people with a sense of the spiritual & mystical nature that material things can evoke." Roger Brown, 1941-1997

this quote has really resonated with me and I try to look at every object with the same eye, regardless of where it comes from, how old it is, or who made it. My own collection effects my work a lot.

fake food really fascinates me (especially vegetables) and I collect various fake food objects, pictures and vintage cook books. A lot of my art is fake food. Needless to say Claes Oldenburg is one of my biggest influences.

I am a feminist and a lot of my work is about feminism and being a female artist.

I think my work has also been influenced a lot by certain movies like the Holy Mountain, the Forbidden Zone and all John Waters movies

I also do performance! A couple of the pictures above are from a piece I did with my friend called 'Pancakes'. I have also done a couple of performance pieces with the performance group Pure Magical Love. These performances are choreographed by my friend Heather Lynn

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