Monday, October 24, 2011


I identify myself as a painter. I mostly paint landscapes and architectural pieces using intense, bright colors. I use oils and acrylics and have been leaning toward abstraction and larger scale paintings. I appreciate heavy application of paint.

I love creating things with my hands, with that being said I occasionally try to sculpt things, specifically animals.

Most recently I have been experimenting with watercolors.

My art is a reflection of who I am and what I have been exposed to.

For example, my ethnicity and the culture surrounding it has been a subject of my paintings in the past. I am from Pakistan so a lot of my work references patterns from Pakistan and Islamic art. I am inspired by political figures and poets.

I grew up around my father’s love of science and developed an interest in biology. I am fascinated by the brain and nervous system.
I also have an interest in architecture and blueprints and I think of DNA is being a blueprint of sorts. I love skeletal structures, not only in animals but in architecture as well.

Most recently I have been painting geometric designs that relate to Islamic art.

These last 2 pieces are works in progress...

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