Monday, October 24, 2011

This is a list of some raw phrases from my notes.

Hostile fragments

Look into it

Look through it

Too Sweet

Don’t talk about them, talk about yourself

Passion fruit smoothie

Brittle resentment

Bad taste

Stubborn apathy draped on remnant curiosity

What do grown ups do when they stop playing with toys?

I’m not afraid to erase

Empty ambiguity is vulnerable too

I think the sky is jealous of the earth

Unethical line

No, I think the earth is jealous of the sky

His haircut bothered me through the whole movie

Defining Beauty is unethical

Elitism is perpetuated by stupid people

Synthetic privacy

Cold is withholding

It means you wear more clothes

They drained the loch in Scotland

Hide to find

I told him it was too Modernist

Sometimes I remember that even when humans are naked, they are wearing a fullbody leather suit.

Because ism is evil

The purposeful distraction

I love Ms. Trunchbull’s shoes

Duplicitous unity

Verb object

Hidden sympathy

Frustration with history

Architects kill

What it is to take up space

Contaminated association

He actually said coconut

Strictly Formal

Cut 2 layers of everything

I’m still figuring

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