Sunday, October 30, 2011

my studio

My studio is in my apartment. A designated corner that ends up taking over the rest of the apartment... depending on what I'm working on. I have a clusterfuck of things especially right now because I'm preparing for the art sale in November..hence the box full of objects. Underneath my table is a chest full of goodies my artmaking (old magazines, tons of photographs, paints, an old tape casette, a stapler, clips, knitting needles, etc.) In the bags underneath the table are some yarn and plastic materials. On top of the table is my sewing machine, photo negatives, and in progress things. Usually my first task is clearing off and organizing my workplace before I sit down to do a specific project. Since my workplace is in my home I'm very comfortable with the surroundings and everything I have on the walls makes me happy to look at. Which also sometimes is problematic because I can easily get distracted by other goings on around me (my tv, food, cleaning, my boyfriend =] which is why sometimes a cig break is comforting). Nearby I have a bookcase that houses books and photographs that I sometimes use for research. I also included pictures of my cat Diego, and some other little random objects that are around my house.


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