Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ice Sculpture

Ali Hardiman
Ice Sculpture

I made my multiples project using ice cubes that my freezer automatically generated.
I used several steps to accomplish this piece. They include the following:

1. Keeping some of the ice cubes the original size while heating others to a more shrunken state.
2. Placing the ice cubes in a way that was representative of the original perfume bottle.
3. Adhering the ice cubes together by heating parts of the ice cubes to acquire a more wet surface and then placing next to one another.
4. I froze the parts that were in the process of being stuck together to obtain a stronger structure.
5. The remaining steps were to use the processes from steps three and four to go about completion of the sculpture.
6. Placing the object in the freezer to photograph.
7. Videotaping the ice sculpture while I heated the sculpture with a hair dryer until it melted entirely. This demonstrated the ephemeral qualities of the sculpture.

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