Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Studio Space

I collect things that remind me of other people. Collected objects take on an outside memory, and for this reason having my friends' art on my walls or around my studio is important to my practice. The things I put out stay in rotation, although several pieces are in the same theme. Of course, there are some things I like to have around all the time. The feelings I have about the things I've collected come from memories of the times when those things first existed in my life. 

I really love this skate. When I'm feeling kind of stressed, I remember when I was given this skate, and what it meant.

 Shrines are spaces where memory is preserved through ritual and collection. Even if there is no specific deity to which these memory offerings are given, the positive energy and context of the objects is concentrated in one place, and I take inspiration from the collection of these things in a small space. I think of those boxes in which kids put their most treasured possessions. Those objects become tiny representatives of a time and place.

This is mine. Most of the objects in it mean nothing to anyone but me. They are just holding space.

Since I live in a dorm room, my studio is not very big...especially compared to my old studio. I try not to remind myself that this room costs three times as much as that one did. But sometimes it happens. Like when I try to fit all the stuff I really love on my wall and then someone gives me something else and I just can't fit it up there no matter how hard I try. Rotation is key, apparently.

I have a decent amount of space, but living in a place with another person means that I have to maximize my work time when she isn't here.  I've been working in a smaller scale and with different materials than usual, and most of my independent projects are parts of a larger installation I've been modeling. But I also like to keep busy making things for my friends, because I feel that by deciding to give something away as a surprise, the pressure to make the object great never becomes too stifling. This is what I'm working on right now.

I'm making a snowglobe. I think it's festive.


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